Arne Blankerts makes
PHP risks manageable

Arne Blankerts

Are you sure that your PHP code exactly does what it is supposed to do? Have you identified all the risks that are associated with its application? Can you afford security vulnerabilities in your company?

If you answered any one of these questions with “no“, then you should talk to Arne Blankerts. This thoroughly experienced IT development manager and co-founder of understands the requirements for successful PHP applications in the modern enterprise. His open source website solution fCMS is the foundation for many enterprise-criticial applications in well-known international corporations.

Arne works on the German translation of the PHP manual. As an expert on IT security, he writes for various outlets including the monthly Security Corner column in php|architect; his books and articles are highly recommended reading in the PHP community. At international IT conferences, he has a reputation for being a field-proven specialist and an interesting speaker.


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Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan Priebsch,
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High-Quality PHP Frameworks and Applications

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Contribution to Softwarequalität in PHP-Projekten
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Exploring JavaScript
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Open Source Projects 

PHP Manual, PHP Autoload Builder, phpDox