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Interview with Stefan Priebsch

Stefan Priebsch was interviewed at ConFoo.

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PHP Un-Training on Mallorca

We are proud to sponsor the PHP Unconference Europe, a non-profit unconference for the PHP community, by the PHP community. As part of our sponsoring [...]

Building Testable Applications

We offer a two-day training event on February 16-17 2015 in Montréal where attendees will learn how to design and implement testable applications with PHP [...]

Joomla PHPUnit Code Sprint

This week I travelled to Montabaur, Germany to support a the Joomla project with their testing effort [...]

Brno PHP Conference

Last weekend I travelled to the Czech Republic to attend the inaugural edition of the Brno PHP Conference [...]


Last week I travelled to Soltau, Germany to attend SoCraTes 2014 [...]

Goodbye LAMP Stack?

In my presentation at IPC Spring 2014, I gave a hands-on introduction to HHVM and showed how to get PHP applications to run on it [...]

HHVM: The Alternative PHP Runtime

In my presentation at IPC Spring 2014, I provided the audience with an in-depth look at what HHVM is and how it works [...]

HHVM: The New PHP?

In my presentation at IPC Spring 2014, I sketched out the HHVM's project's history as well as its potential future and analyzed it from a business perspective [...]

TYPO3 PHPUnit Code Sprint

Last weekend I travelled to Hamburg, Germany to participate in a code sprint for making the PHPUnit TYPO3 extension better [...]

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ConFoo 2015: It's that time again

Why would one travel to Montreal in mid-winter, where minus twenty degrees centigrade are to be expected? Well, attending ConFoo gives you a lot of good reasons [...]

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PHPUnit 4.5 and Prophecy

PHPUnit 4.5 has been released today and features out-of-the-box support for the modern mock object framework Prophecy [...]

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Last weekend I attended FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium and talked about the state of PHPUnit in the "PHP and Friends" room [...]

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PHP breaks backwards compatibility

For a major release such as PHP 7, some backwards compatibility breaks are expected to happen. Breaks like these are always a double-edged sword [...]

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PHPUnit: Migration from PEAR to PHAR

In this article I show you how to migrate your PHPUnit installation from PEAR to PHAR (or Composer) [...]

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Recipes for Success

  • Kolbermoor, Germany

Software is never perfect. Failures of software make the news, damage the reputation of companies, and cost money in lost revenue. Testing software early and in a small scope is good, a high degree of test automation is even better. If only it were that simple. In reality, not all code is easy (enough) to test.

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Built-In Bytecode Cache

PHP 5.5 ships with a built-in bytecode cache. We provide background information an show how you can easily benefit from improved performance.

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Open Source

Open Knowledge

Following our visit to the Wikimedia Foundation headquarters in San Francisco last year we supported the foundation's German branch in Berlin this year.

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