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thePHP.cc Consulting Approach

The PHP Consulting Company (thePHP.cc) is an owner-managed consulting company for PHP and related technologies. Knowledge transfer is the focus of our work.

IT and the development of software are important core competencies for many companies. We support these companies by furthering the education of their employees so that they can independently design, develop, and operate software.

We are a small company with three internationally renowned consultants. Each of us has many years of experience with the pertinent technologies as well as sharing this experience as a consultant, coach, and speaker at international conferences. We can guarantee an extremely high level of work in our consulting as we do not employ junior consultants and instead render all services ourselves.

We are always frank with our customers, even when we have to convey inconvenient truths. We merely evaluate the technical organisational circumstances and never judge the performance of a single person.

We do not preach patent remedies but instead enter a dialogue with our customers to create individual and pragmatic solutions that match their circumstances and requirements. As trainers, we are renowned for our unique training style which involves discussion and live coding to be as close as possible to the actual process of software development.