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International PHP Conference – Spring Edition

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The International PHP Conference is a globally recognized event for PHP developers, webworkers, IT managers and everyone interested in web-technology.

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PHPUnit Best Practices

PHPUnit is not difficult to set up and writing tests with it is easy. But with the the tips and tricks you will learn in this session you can leverage PHPUnit more effectively, giving you better results and increasing your productivity.

Upgrade Your LAMP Stack to 2013

Back in the days the LAMP stack did satisfy the needs of the web, making it the big success we all know. But today's applications more often than not require a scalability, security and performance this classic environment cannot provide. In this hands-on session we will setup a modern web stack leveraging state-of-the-art components like nginx, PHP-FPM, Redis and more.

The Wrong End of the Stick

Unit Testing does not work for you? You are not alone. Every developer who starts with unit testing faces the same issues. Issues that will not go away by learning more about unit testing or PHPUnit. You are likely looking at the wrong end of the stick. You will learn how to get over the hump quickly when starting with PHPUnit.

Automated Deployment: From Jenkins to Production

All your tests are green and you are ready to deploy the latest version of your software into production. Again. If only you had an automated way of doing that to avoid the manual hassle! In this hands-on session you will learn how to make Jenkins and friends push your deployment into the next level, easily maintaining any set of servers.

Appointing a Proxy

There are incredibly powerful use cases for the proxy pattern, for example remote proxies, virtual proxies, smart references, protecting proxies for access control, and, to a certain extent, even proxies adding security features. We will compare different ways of implementing proxies in PHP and see lots of concrete code examples.

PHP: The Lean Way

In his book "The Lean Startup", Eric Ries shows how to create a radically successful business. This session demonstrates how to successfully apply the "Lean Startup" ideas to development teams and application archictectures in the PHP world. A word of warning: radically successful development teams have been known to transform whole organizations.