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ZEDGE TechTalks

  • Trondheim

Zedge TechTalks are a series of events, each covering a certain topic of software engineering, arranged and hosted by Zedge in Trondheim. At Zedge, we are operating and competing on a global scale, which means that we need to build and maintain world-class teams. As part of our internal training program, we invite speakers from around the world who are authorities of their field, for talks and workshops directly related to what we do at Zedge. At the same time, we want to contribute to Trondheim's software engineering culture, so we decided to open up these presentations to more people.

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High Quality PHP: Past, Present and Future

Quality Assurance in general and Unit Testing in particular have come a long way since the inception of PHPUnit twelve years ago: simple PHP programming has evolved into software engineering with PHP.

Join Sebastian Bergmann, the creator of PHPUnit, as he shares his experience on overcoming both the technological challenges of testing PHP code and common organizational issues when introducing software development teams to testing. He will reflect on the lessons learned in the first decade of PHPUnit and will give a look into the tool's future.