Mood for The Online PHP Conference 2021

The Online PHP Conference 2021

A conference on professional software development
and the PHP technology stack
January 18 - 22, 2021

Topics were spot-on, work-relevant, practical and not focused on a hype.

Attendee of May 2020 Edition

Lots of tidbits of information and discussion.

Attendee of May 2020 Edition

The talks all were very interesting and very well presented.

Attendee of May 2020 Edition

The way one speaker was talking and the other two moderators substituting the chat with additional information and useful answers in real-time was impressive to me.

Attendee of May 2020 Edition

I enjoyed the laid-back character combined with the fast-paced talks.

Attendee of May 2020 Edition

Being forced into lockdown earlier this year, we did not want to waste the conference talks that we had prepared for the spring conference season 2020. So we organized our own online conference. Everybody loved the event, and we were frequently asked about running another online conference. So here we are.

People generally liked the overall format of the May 2020 Edition, the informal and relaxed attitude, and the good overall conference feeling.

We decided to keep what was good, try out some new ideas, and make the second edition of The Online PHP Conference even better. So do not miss out and join us in January 2021.


The main conference takes place from Tuesday to Thursday. We offer optional interactive workshops on Monday and Friday.

Details on speakers, topics, and times will be announced soon. Expect a diverse selection of top-notch content, with a good mix of traditional presentations, discussions, live coding, a public code review, and lots of room for interaction, questions, and discussion.

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