CQRS in Practice

Stefan Priebsch | The Online PHP Conference |

Pretty much everybody has heard about CQRS (Command/Query Responsibility Segregation) these days. This workshop is for you regardless of how familiar you already are with the term: CQRS can be explained in a few sentences, but can be challenging to implement, because it requires a major shift of perspective.

Following this principle, however, will not only make you a better developer, but have a positive effect on how you design and architect systems. Come and see for yourself: in this workshop, we will work through various examples and use the CQRS principle to elegantly solve coding challenges. Bring a current version of PHP, your favourite IDE, and get ready to code while being individually coached.

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About the Speaker

Even older digital watches would outperform Stefan Priebsch's first computer. He has been an IT consultant for over 20 years, holds an academic degree in computer science, is the author of several textbooks, and a university lecturer on professional web development. He presents and keynotes at technology conferences around the world. As Co-Founder and Principal Consultant of The PHP Consulting Company (thePHP.cc), Stefan helps his clients to develop software successfully. He spends his free time playing electric guitar and researching agile home improvement.