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Avoid Complexity: Architecting Web Applications for Performance

International PHP Conference, Munich

Everybody talks about performance and dreams of short response times for their web application. But a full-stack framework with a powerful ORM, complex code infrastructure, various external libraries, and a chronically overloaded database make the goal of a high-performance website a distant prospect. Integration with various, of course, slow APIs from third parties does the rest. Oh, and e-mails have to be sent as well.

If you follow the "best practices" of many frameworks, all this work is done at request time. But for decades, the Unix world has shown that the secret of success lies in the interaction of highly specialized and, above all, small applications. It's time to apply this insight to your own code. In this workshop, we will therefore rethink a classically built web application and simply get rid of everything slowing us down at runtime.

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