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Event Patterns: how to turn sticky notes into software

Web Engineering Unconference, Palma de Mallorca

The result from Event Storming is on the wall, and everyone involved is happy because the session yielded so many valuable insights. Now the developers return to their desks and ... are working off Jira tickets?

In this workshop, you'll learn to bridge the gap between all those colorful sticky notes and executable code. We'll look for and find recurring patterns as we talk about how to effectively and efficiently translate our model into software. We'll do this both greenfield and by all the rules of the CQRS and event sourcing arts, as well as considering existing legacy software that we need to extend and integrate with: modeling with events doesn't always mean implementing events.

You will encounter some terms familiar from Domain-Driven Design like bounded context, others like aggregate we will rather avoid or at least discuss critically.

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