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Know-How Transfer

The daily routine of a project often leaves too little time for further education. We are internationally renowned for our innovative training concepts that are far from teacher-centred teaching and standard examples. We further your developers through training-on-the-job and coaching while supporting the project at the same time. This is how we help to limit the technical debt and ensure that the software that is developed in sustainable. We work with the team directly on their code and improve existing solutions or create proof-of-concept code for new approaches. The team's self-reliance is especially important to us.

We have many years of practical experience with test-driven development, domain-driven design, and the SOLID principles as well as architecture and design patterns. We follow the clean code ideas where they are applicable in the context of PHP and the project at hand. In addition to the writing of new code we also focus on the successful dealing with legacy code. We help our customers building bridges between old and new structures.


Domain-Driven Design

A full-service IT contractor develops and operates business applications for customers from various branches of industry. Until now the development process was mostly based on the best practices of a well-known PHP framework. This approach lead to more and more quality problems, especially when changes were made to older applications. Following our advice the development now evolves towards domain-driven design.

We developed the essentials of an intranet example application live in front of the developers in an interactive workshop. We explained the most important concepts and techniques of domain-driven design while doing so. After the workshop, the developers continued the work on the example application independently to practice this new way of working. As soon as a certain milestone is reached we will review the application to make suggestions for improvement and to point out potential mistakes.

Sustainable Development

A digital agency creates customer-specific e-commerce solutions based on Magento as well as using Symfony 2 and Zend Framework 2. As part of their continuous improvement they were working on professionalising their development process further, for instance by covering new features with unit tests to increase the code quality. They found out, however, that the desired sustainable improvement is hard to achieve in the context of the frameworks they use.

We created best practices in collaboration with the customer and in a live coding workshop with the developers that can be applied in the context of the used frameworks. They enable the developers to write clean code that is maintainable and easy to test.

thePHP.cc helped us find out how we need to structure our code for the future. They have understood how to explain these new concepts to our developers so that they leverage them without having to completely change the way they work. This way we stay productive and improve the way we work at the same time.

Stefan Altenkamp, CTO, Magic Internet GmbH

Contact us if your developers need further education.


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