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Every organisation and each team is different. We support you in the definition, adoption, and optimization of development processes. We include the teams in the formulation because only accepted processes can be lived. When we detect problems that may only be solved cross-departmentally we mediate constructively between engineering department, specialist department, and management. We advocate lightweight processes and create individual solutions.

We apply test-driven development where it is beneficial instead of slavishly following a dogma. We create individual development processes by combining the most appropriate method building blocks such as time-boxing, firmly established coding guidelines, continuous refactoring, pair programming, or reviews into a sensible whole. We have experience with DevOps and safe, scalable deployment processes including the operation of multiple versions of an application in parallel.


Quality Problems: Solved

A provider of financial services was on the verge of launching a new software platform that was supposed to handle a rapidly increasing amount of financial transactions. The developers, however, were increasingly battling quality problems of the new software for which the root cause was unclear. This is why the company sought our counsel.

After a review of code and development processes we were able to trace the quality problems to several process problems. The development process, for instance, was too strongly oriented on the screen designs. This was the reason why the developers were unable to canonically represent core concepts of the business logic in the software. This lead to unnecessary code duplication and thereby to quality problems and security issues. We presented the customer with several starting points for changing the development process. Furthermore we uncovered several operational process risks and provided approaches for solving them.

TDD in Pair Programming

We analysed the development processes of a payment provider that is active internationally in several emerging markets. A special challenge is the business critical integration of their custom-built software with many external services. Bugs have a short-term impact on their revenue a long-term impact on their reputation. We introduced test-driven development and pair programming as well as the appropriate tools to make the development process for these critical components safer.

Starting off with a simple example, the new way of working was explained and practiced in a workshop with the developers. The workshop continued with real-world examples from the customer's codebase. Several of the custom-built connectors were refactored over the course of the workshop to exercise the changed processes in practice.

thePHP.cc helped us find out how we need to structure our code for the future. They have understood how to explain these new concepts to our developers so that they leverage them without having to completely change the way they work. This way we stay productive and improve the way we work at the same time.

Stefan Altenkamp, CTO, Magic Internet GmbH

Contact us if you need support with optimizing development processes.


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