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The longer a project is going on the harder it get to stay on top of things. You want to be sure that your project is on the right course. With an outsider's neutral view, we perform milestone reviews and competently gauge the current state of the project. Thereby we focus our attention on the maintainability and sustainability of the software being developed. We recognize risks and assess them in a dialogue with you. We point out an eventual need for action with regard to the project situation. We do not solely reason from a technical perspective but also consider business aspects.

We use various static code analysis tools in our reviews and assess the code from different perspectives through inspection. Security aspects are an important part of this depending on the goals of the review. We evaluate the quality of the architecture, the degree of automation, and the quality of the tests as well as the development process, especially with regards to quality assurance and deployment. We have many years of experience in the analysis of code bases of all sizes and fields of application.


Milestone Review

A Canadian media company operates many products, each using a separate codebase. A custom, specialized framework was created to reflect the best practices that were established and to strategically harmonise the codebases.

We were tasked with a milestone review of this new framework. Using various tools and through manual code inspection we assessed the state of development with regard to security, performance, architecture, and maintainability. We summarised our findings and guidance in a concise technical report. We presented the most important points in a conference call and discussed them with the lead developers.

Harmonised Development

A successful digital agency that develops and operates websites for well-known customers wants to improve the efficiency of their in-house software development. A review of existing code showed us that the comprehensive experience of the agency's developers was not reflected in a unified way in the codebase.

To avoid code duplication and to leverage synergy effects during development we suggested to create a custom framework based on the concrete requirements of their existing software solutions. We supported this project through milestone reviews and on-site workshops to give feedback and discuss our findings.

They presented the results of their code review intelligible and thoughtful. They gave pragmatic counsel on how to act upon these findings as well. Three experts side by side ensure that one does not get a dogmatic individual opinion. Instead you experience "live" how a result / an opinion is developed in a dialogue.

Dr. Tina Dingel, CEO, Townster GmbH

Contact us if you need a review of your software.


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