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Some projects present teams with huge challenges. Especially younger teams lack experience. With our help you have a handle on the project risks. Instead of creating dependence we enable teams to independently lead projects to success. We recognize problems early, propose solutions, and help with the implementation when necessary. We ensure that the development follows the architecture and that the formulated quality goals are achieved. We support your team with goal-oriented coaching when particular roles are too weak in a project.

We give advice and support to projects at various levels through individual coaching, training-on-the-job, reviews, and workshops. According to the project's needs we perform milestone reviews or temporarily fill team roles such as architect or lead developer. When the developers need more support we create architectural prototypes or proof-of-concept code in collaboration with the team.


Interim Architect and Coach

A successful online retailer was working on the relaunch of their shop platform. The team newly created for this project and was comprised only of junior developers. These developers were motivated and talented but lacked the experience to fill the roles of software architect and lead developer. We supported the project as coaches in the kick-off phase and temporarily filled the vacant roles.

During the project we consequently worked towards letting developers with potential grow into the roles of architect and lead developer. Furthermore we supported the project with know-how transfer on topics such as continuous integration, deployment, and system architecture. The project was completed successfully and the new platform transacts hundreds of millions of sales per year.

Know-How Transfer

A provider of financial services was faced with great challenges when a new product was to be represented in an existing software. We suggested to implement the planned features in a new structure to limit the changes to existing code. The development team lacked the know-how to create such a structure. Together with the developers we created an architectural vision for the new components in a workshop.

In a follow-up workshop we developed a proof-of-concept implementation of the architectural concept in collaboration with the team. We supported the project through coaching and review with the goal to enable the developers to independently develop the application as soon as possible. After only a few months a first beta version was put into production.

The experts helped us to a lesser extent with short-term solutions but rather by training the developers so that they can independently make the right decisions in the long-term.

Cornelius Suermann, CTO, BillSAFE GmbH

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