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Software often lives significantly longer than originally planned. We find out whether the continued operation and development of your systems is still frugal. We advise you on the supersession of existing systems and help you integrate new systems with legacy systems. We support you in the implementation of efficient bridge technologies. In collaboration with you we create a vision for future development and support the developers to free themselves of technical restrictions of existing legacy systems.

We have many years of experience with the assessment of legacy systems and the strategic planning as well as the operative implementation of their supersession. We work and think pragmatically and with an economic focus. We are specialised in enabling the integration of old and new systems, the strategic planning and application of refactorings, and gradual rewrites of existing code.


Mainframe Technology

A mid-size company operated many custom-built applications that have grown over the years and implement all important business processes. Even a mainframe was still in operation although already several attempts had been made to finally replace it. We were asked to analyse the software platform and to advance the abandonment of the mainframe.

We showed the customer that the PHP platform was not sufficiently abstracted from the mainframe technology in order to successfully replace it. Together we devised a concept to achieve the required degree of abstraction and introduced bridge technologies that allow the risk-free implementation of new features.

New Financial Product

A provider of financial services was planning the market launch of a new product that is based on a complex workflow. At first we evaluated the possibility to implement the planned extension inside the existing platform and assessed the risks associated with this approach. Together with the customer we decided not to implement the new features in the legacy system to limit the risk of undesired side effects.

We created a new structure that allowed the timely implementation of the required functionality in multiple workshops with the developers. Access to information and functionality of the legacy system was provided using appropriate bridge technologies. A smart integration of the two systems allowed the customer to launch the new product quickly and then afterwards to replace the old system step-by-step.

thePHP.cc helped us find out how we need to structure our code for the future. They have understood how to explain these new concepts to our developers so that they leverage them without having to completely change the way they work. This way we stay productive and improve the way we work at the same time.

Stefan Altenkamp, CTO, Magic Internet GmbH

Contact us if you need help with replacing a legacy system.


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