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Existing systems primarily age because technology evolves. In the long run, the safe, secure, and smooth operation of software is only possible on up-to-date systems. We support you in the planning and execution of hardware and software migrations. We help you to establish a practice of gradual migration within the scope of regular maintenance. In a dialogue with you we plan the migration of data and functionality to other systems and competently support you in the execution.

We know the features and peculiarities of the different PHP versions as well as the common alternative runtimes such as HHVM. Thanks to our many years of experience we have deep knowledge of and insight into the development of PHP and can help our customers proactively prepare their code and platform for future migrations.


PHP Stack Migration

A globally operating electronics company was using a version of a proprietary content and product information management system that was no longer officially supported by its vendor. An upgrade to the current version was not possible due to several customizations that were made over the years. The PHP stack had to be upgraded due to operational concerns although the version of the software used was incompatible with newer versions of PHP.

We supported the customer in this migration. First tests showed problems operating the software on a current PHP version. We were able to solve these problems by adjusting the configuration and by adapting the software.

Open Source Project

The TYPO3 project had the migration from PHPUnit 3.7 to PHPUnit 4 planned for a code sprint. We supported the developers in writing tests for TYPO3's kernel and with the setup of an infrastructure for the automated testing of extensions for the CMS.

While working on the migration of the test suite a bug was discovered that was caused by a behavioral change in the version of PHP current at the time. We created a workaround for this bug right at code sprint and shortly thereafter made it superfluous thanks to a bugfix release of PHPUnit.

thePHP.cc helped us find out how we need to structure our code for the future. They have understood how to explain these new concepts to our developers so that they leverage them without having to completely change the way they work. This way we stay productive and improve the way we work at the same time.

Stefan Altenkamp, CTO, Magic Internet GmbH

Contact us if you need support with the migration of an existing system.


PHP 7 Explained

With deep knowledge and practical experience, Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts und Stefan Priebsch explain everything you need to know about PHP 7.

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Built-In Bytecode Cache

PHP 5.5 ships with a built-in bytecode cache. We provide background information an show how you can easily benefit from improved performance.

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Open Source

Open Knowledge

Following our visit to the Wikimedia Foundation headquarters in San Francisco last year we supported the foundation's German branch in Berlin this year.

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