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Existing systems are often perceived as a burden although they perform important tasks for the business. Based on a review of existing systems we evaluate the chances and opportunities but also point out risks and need for action. We help with the decision whether a system should be replaced or operated further. We support your business development through realistic suggestions for future development of software and systems. We emphasize business value and cost effectiveness for this.

We have many years of experience with reviews of program code, software and system architectures, and development processes. We have performed numerous security audits and risk assessments of software systems and thereby evaluated the extensibility and maintainability of existing code. This way we enable our customers to adapt their software agile, with little risk, and cost-effective to growing demands and changing business requirements.


Maintenance Bottleneck

We analysed the strengths and weaknesses of a custom-built software of a leading German media platform in a multi-day review. We uncovered the particular problem that certain business-critical tasks required a high amount of special knowledge and could only be performed by a single developer.

To eliminate this bottleneck a way had to be found to disencumber that developer while working towards the goal of encapsulating his special knowledge as code in the software. We showed in a workshop for the developers how this could be achieved and motivated the implementation.

Performance Improvements

The vendor of a commercial Content Management System asked us for a review of the existing software. The software had an exceptionally high internal quality but its performance was lacking. After a comprehensive profiling of the software we found out that average requests wasted a significant amount of time inside database abstraction code.

Since the software is a SaaS solution there was no technical requirement for database abstraction. We were able to prove that replacing the generic database abstraction layer with direct calls to the native database interface would lead to a performance improvement of roughly 25%. A preliminary analysis of the used SQL statements showed that this migration would be easy to implement.

We were faced with the hard decision whether we should implement a fundamental extension of our product inside the existing software system or whether we should start afresh on a greenfield. In an audit lasting several days, the experts Priebsch, Bergmann, and Blankerts unerringly uncovered the shortcomings of our existing solution and discussed them in a way that was useful for us.

Cornelius Suermann, CTO, BillSAFE GmbH

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