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The maintenance of existing software is a primary task for many developers. In the daily involvement with legacy systems it is not easy to keep pace with current technologies and contemporary ways of working. We impart competently and with a practical orientation how software is successfully built today. We motivate the developers by showing them new ways and questioning old patterns of thinking. In doing so we prepare teams for new challenges and further their professional qualification. We provide training that is far from teacher-centred teaching and standard examples.

We offer the appropriate educational measures for developers, project managers, software architects, and system administrators. We adapt the learning rate and the technical depth of the training to the previous knowledge of the attendees. No matter if the training attendees are beginners, lateral entrants, developers switching from another programming language, or experts with many years of experience: we know how to bring our attendees the essential step further.

We have created and established several innovative training concepts such as the PHP Code Camp or the PHP Summit. We hold regular workshops and full-day or multi-day trainings as part of PHP conferences. We also offer open trainings.


Introduction to Programming

In the course of further education for university employees we imparted initial programming skills. In addition to a compact introduction to the subject matter the attendees gained first practical experience working on numerous exercises.

This active involvement with a new way of thinking and working yielded a sense of achievement for the attendees that motivated them to pursue the topic further.

From Java to PHP

A renowned advertising agency that normally uses Java was tasked to take over the maintenance and further development of a project implemented in PHP. We were contracted to introduce Java developers to PHP.

In our training we put a special focus on the differences between a dynamically typed, interpreted language and a compiled language with static typing. The attendees were delighted how easy and uncomplicated many problems can be solved with PHP.

The workshops on unit tests, continuous integration, and PHP design patterns stood out. The trainers conveyed the optimal way of developing software using a combination of presentation and practical examples [...] We learned new approaches that will help us to further optimize our processes.

Niels Pahlmann, TUDOCK GmbH

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PHP 7 Explained

With deep knowledge and practical experience, Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts und Stefan Priebsch explain everything you need to know about PHP 7.

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Case Study

Dealing with Legacy Code

Following rapid growth, Trulia, a leading marketplace in the real estate industry, started to feel limited by legacy software. We worked with their developers and showed them how to overcome those limitations.

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Open Source

Open Knowledge

Following our visit to the Wikimedia Foundation headquarters in San Francisco last year we supported the foundation's German branch in Berlin this year.

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