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Interview mit Stefan Priebsch

Am Rande der International PHP Conference - Spring Edition hat Tom Wießeckel vom PHP Magazin mit Stefan Priebsch darüber gesprochen, wie man gerade im Agenturumfeld seinen Kunden das Thema testgetriebene Entwicklung schmackhaft machen kann.

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How to Validate Data

Validating data seems to be one of the most important tasks of an application. After all, you cannot trust data from external sources [...]

On Hackathons

Hackathons are fun and very educational. But do they teach the right values? [...]

Dependencies in Disguise

Passing around a service locator is a bad practice. But how can it be avoided? [...]

PHPUnit 4.8: Code Coverage Support

PHPUnit 4.8 adds support for code coverage using PHPDBG for PHP 7 [...]

20 Years of PHP

Arne Blankerts recollects how he first came into contact with PHP [...]

20 Years of PHP

Stefan Priebsch recollects how he first came into contact with PHP [...]

20 Years of PHP

Sebastian Bergmann recollects how he first came into contact with PHP [...]

PHPUnit 4.7 and Three Shades of Green

PHPUnit 4.7 introduces a couple of small improvements, for instance to the HTML code coverage report [...]

PHPUnit 4.6 and Global State

PHPUnit 4.6, which was released last week, adds an optional check for marking a test as risky when global state is manipulated while it's running [...]

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ConFoo: Combining Tech like PHP and Node.js

ConFoo is a polyglot conference that showcases the power of combining diverse technologies [...]

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Typed Arrays in PHP

As a community, we can only make progress when somebody pushes the boundaries. This can be done by questioning established best practices, or by coming up with new ideas [...]

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Questioning PHPUnit Best Practices

Best practices are not set in stone and need to be questioned and then adapted, if need be, every once in a while [...]

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Seventh Heaven

It all started with with somebody who wrote some software to put his résumé online, and decided to share the code he had written [...]

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Professional Object-Oriented Development

We offer a two-day training event on February 22-23 2016 in Montréal where attendees will learn how to design and implement testable applications with PHP [...]

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  • Taipeh, Taiwan

No question related to PHPUnit goes unanswered in this participant-driven training experience



HHVM als PHP-Ersatz

Im PHP-Magazin 4.14 erläutern und beurteilen wir in mehreren Artikeln Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Facebooks HHVM als Alternative zur klassischen PHP-Plattform.



Architektur ohne Caching

Wir sprachen auf der code.talks über performante Architekturen und über verschiedene Test-Methodiken als wichtige Bausteine im Entwicklungsprozess.

Die Community ist wichtig für uns.