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Wir haben uns in der PHP-Community umgehört: was bedeutet PHP 8 für Euch? Wir bekamen spannende Antworten.
Sebastian Bergmann gibt Tipps für die Migration von PHPUnit 8 auf PHPUnit 9.
Das Material zum Vortrag "Optimizing Your Test Suite" (Web Engineering Aachen) ist online
Can you write good code on first attempt? We can't, that's why we refactor.
We are waiting for WebAuthn to catch on. In the mean time, we have to properly deal with passwords.
While we are in lockdown, why not provide homeschooling for developers?
If you feel stuck, a shift in perspective can help. Here is how to achieve that.
From the trenches: making WordPress compatible with PHP 8.
The secret to doing better work in a shorter amount of time.
Type-Safe PHP is not an oxymoron anymore.
To bring together the PHP community, we asked some friends for help.
Sebastian shows you how to get your tests ready for PHPUnit 10.
Learn why a clear separation of read and write operations is a good idea.
Learn the skills required for building serverless PHP applications.
Sebastian Bergmann spricht am 27. Januar 2021 über "Optimizing Your Test Suite"
Can you move fast without accumulating technical debt?
Here's what we need to talk about in January, because it might be a game changer for you.