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Interview mit Stefan Priebsch

Am Rande der International PHP Conference - Spring Edition hat Tom Wießeckel vom PHP Magazin mit Stefan Priebsch darüber gesprochen, wie man gerade im Agenturumfeld seinen Kunden das Thema testgetriebene Entwicklung schmackhaft machen kann.

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PHP 7 Day in Hamburg

Lernen Sie alles wichtige über PHP 7 an einem Tag. Im März. In Hamburg.

A Little Christmas Gift

thePHP.cc wishes you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Single Sign-On: You're probably doing it wrong

Requiring users to log in individually to all websites they need for their work is clearly annoying, using a single sign-on service the preferable solution. But where do you start?

One Year of Event Storming

Understanding the processes of your business domain is important. Event Storming helps with gaining this understanding.

Why Magic Quotes are gone in PHP 7

With the release of PHP 7, some features that were traditionally widely used have been removed from the language. We explain why magic quotes have been removed from PHP, and how to deal with this when getting ready to migrate to PHP 7.

Microservices for Lunch

Getting the decomposition right is a crucial success factor for microservice architectures. Here is why.

Conferences: for Fun or Profit?

How much money conference speakers in the PHP community actually make.

Don't call instance methods statically

In PHP 7, instance methods cannot be called statically any more. We explain how to deal with this.

Warum Entwickler keinen Code schreiben sollten

Eine überraschende Antwort auf die Frage, warum Programmcode so schwer zu verstehen ist.

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Faster Code Coverage

Sebastian Bergmann and Sebastian Heuer share how they made PHPUnit's code coverage functionality faster.

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The Future of Zend

Some pivotal persons have announced that they are going to leave Rogue Wave. Is the future of PHP at stake?

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Indirect Invocation Considered Harmful

There is a bug in PHP that allows bypassing type safety checks. You would not do that, though, would you?

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Why PHP 7.2 Is Important

Cleaning up PHP under the hood continues with the 7.2 release. Learn why this is more important today than adding fancy new features.

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Putting PHP 8 on the Roadmap

As PHP 7 matures with the 7.2 release, some problematic PHP features have been deprecated, and they are scheduled for removal in PHP 8. If you are dealing with Unicode strings, you may need to act now.

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PHP 7 Explained

Kompetent und praxisnah erklären Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts und Stefan Priebsch alles, was Sie über PHP 7 wissen müssen.



HHVM als PHP-Ersatz

Im PHP-Magazin 4.14 erläutern und beurteilen wir in mehreren Artikeln Einsatzmöglichkeiten von Facebooks HHVM als Alternative zur klassischen PHP-Plattform.



Architektur ohne Caching

Wir sprachen auf der code.talks über performante Architekturen und über verschiedene Test-Methodiken als wichtige Bausteine im Entwicklungsprozess.