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Beiträge im Archiv für August 2012

    Sixty Percent Quality

    When you spend [a lot of] time on the proverbial road you need to care about quality: the quality of a hotel influences your quality of sleep which in turn affects the quality of work you deliver to your customer. [...]

    Replacing SlideShare Within Two Days

    We regularly share our experience at events around the world. Until recently, we uploaded our presentation material to SlideShare, a popular platform for sharing presentations. [...]

    Seeing the Bigger Picture

    Mankind has been constructing buildings for over 5000 years. The Great Pyramid of Giza for example, undoubtedly a masterpiece of architecture and engineering, has been built around 2600 BC [...]

    Traits sind nicht die erste Maßnahme gegen Code-Duplikation

    Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts und Stefan Priebsch sprechen über Qualität und Architektur, über aktuelle Entwicklungen im Markt wie der Zend Developer Cloud und schließlich über Neuerungen in PHP selbst.