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Beiträge im Archiv für September 2012

    WebExpo Prague

    At the WebExpo conference in Prague, CZ last weekend, I was impressed by three things the organizers did. [...]

    Do you have our bonus card?

    Do you collect Miles? Are you a member of our saver's club? What's your frequent flyer number? Is it just me or is it getting really annoying that every time you shop you get asked for it. [...]

    PHP Summit im Dezember 2012 in Berlin

    Im Dezember startet der nächste PHP Summit in Berlin! Es erwartet Sie ein klar strukturiertes Trainingskonzept mit einem komplett aktualisierten Programm. [...]

    Agile on the Beach

    At the Agile on the Beach conference in Cornwall, UK this week, Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan Priebsch shared insights on how architecture, agility, and quality are interconnected. [...]