J and Beyond

Sebastian Bergmann |

Last week I travelled to Königstein im Taunus, Germany to attend J and Beyond, an international Joomla developer conference that combines sessions, discussions, and workshops with development sprints and bug-squashing events.

Should I test my software as a whole with system-level end-to-end tests or in a small scope with unit tests? And which school of thought should I follow? Acceptance Test-Driven (ATDD)? Behavior-Driven Development (BDD)? Test-Driven Development (TDD)? The discussion of these and other questions related to testing are often reduced to "which tool should I use?". As a result developers lose sight of the big picture and get stuck in a development process that can be uncomfortable and unproductive.

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The audience of my keynote joined me on a quest to understand everything that has happened in software testing from the 1950s until today. Not only did I explain what ATDD, BDD, and TDD are about but I also told the stories of how they were (re)discovered and why. This way the attendees gained an understanding for common development and testing practices. They can now choose the techniques and tools that are right for them.

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In addition to my keynote, I also presented a technical session on PHPUnit Best Practices at J and Beyond. I shared my experience as well as various tips and trick with the audience to more effectively leverage PHPUnit.

I would like to congratulate the organizers of J and Beyond on a job well done. I had a great time in Königstein im Taunus and discussions with other attendees and speakers.