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Last weekend, I attended the Brno PHP Conference. Being the first installment of a PHP conference in Brno, Czech Republic, it was a one-day, one-track conference. Even though it may seem that "just" one track does not offer enough choice of content for the attendees, I have really come to value one-track conferences. They have an intensity and a kind of intimacy that you do not find at larger conferences.

It was a very nice event in a great location at the Brno Mendel University, followed by a social event in a pub where I had many interesting conversations. According to the organizers, we had people attending from 14 different countries, but by keeping the conference all English, that worked really well.

The day before the conference, I was asked by the organizers whether I would be able to fill the slot of another speaker who was unable to attend. I was happy to help out and repeated a presentation on HHVM that I had given earlier this year in Berlin. A video recording of my presentation at IPC Spring is available here.

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My second presentation was "SOLID for real". I explained the five SOLID principles using simple PHP code examples. The talk was very well received and sparked some interesting discussions among the attendees.

Stefan Priebsch: SOLID for real

The general feedback on the conference online as well as offline was great. I would like to thank Jakub and the other organizers for doing such a great job, and for providing the PHP community another place to get together. I am very much looking forward to next year's Brno PHP conference!

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