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Last weekend I attended FOSDEM in Brussels, Belgium. I already wrote about what makes FOSDEM, a free event that offers open source communities a place to meet, share ideas and collaborate, special for me in the past and will spare both you and me a repetition here. Suffice it to say that FOSDEM once again provided an excellent opportunity to catch up with friends old and new from the Open Source world in general and the PHP community in particular. Organized by Lorna Mitchell and Wim Godden, the "PHP & Friends" room featured a great lineup of speakers with well-attended presentations.

Sebastian Bergmann: The State of PHPUnit

My own talk, "The State of PHPUnit", was different from sessions that I normally present on the topic of PHPUnit. Usually I talk about topics such as why you should test, what can be tested, and how these tests should be implemented. I used my presentation at FOSDEM to bring more people into the kind of discussion that I usually have in the so-called "hallway track" of conferences: what is currently being worked on with regards to PHPUnit, why was a particular decision made in the development of PHPUnit, and what are the consequences of this for the users of PHPUnit. Considering the positive feedback I received after the talk, I am glad that I finally gave a talk like this.

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Sebastian Bergmann is the author of PHPUnit and sets the industry standard of quality assurance.