Agile on the Beach

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

At the Agile on the Beach conference in Cornwall, UK this week, Sebastian Bergmann and Stefan Priebsch shared insights on how architecture, agility, and quality are interconnected.

Sebastian Bergmann: Agility and Quality

In his session, Sebastian Bergmann talked about how important it is to think about quality throughout the whole software development lifecycle: quality must not be an afterthought. He closed with an insight by Stefan Priebsch: "Architecture and Quality Assurance are just two different views on the same task."

Stefan Priebsch: Observations from the Agile Front

Stefan Priebsch shared valuable observations from coaching development teams working in more or less agile environments. He observed, for instance, that software development is more about Human-Human communication than it is about Human-Machine communication and that a team's communication problems are reflected in the code they write.

Stefan Priebsch: Panel Discussion during Agile on the Beach

Together with Michael Feathers and Jeff Brantley, Stefan Priebsch also participated in the panel discussion that summarized the discussions and themes of Agile on the Beach.

Agile on the Beach was an inspiring and thought-provoking conference that we enjoyed very much to be involved in. We would like to congratulate the organizers on a job well done and thank them for inviting us.