International PHP Conference

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At the International PHP Conference in Mainz, Germany this week, Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch shared their experience in building scalable web architectures, in dealing with legacy code, and in operating infrastructures for web applications with the audience.

In the keynote panel "The Long Journey: From Core to User", Stefan Priebsch pointed out that handling the increasing number of HTTP requests a server receives from mobile clients efficiently requires lightweight architectures. This is also reflected in the current trend of creating and using micro-frameworks.

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He also stated that moving application logic to the client is a good idea, but he feels that the multi-client strategy many companies currently have will turn out to be problematic in the long run since it leads to duplicate implementation and maintenance of business logic, which is expensive and risky. It would be nice if we only had to implement the business logic once and deploy it to different platforms.

Stefan Priebsch: Scalable High-Performance Architectures

In his "Scalable High-Performance Architectures" presentation, Stefan Priebsch used a fast food restaurant as a metaphor to explain the concepts behind scalable architectures for high-performance web applications.

Stefan Priebsch: Bridging the Gap

Stefan Priebsch presented concepts and strategies to implement bridges that close the gap between old and new code as well as old and new architectures in his "Bridging the Gap" session.

Sebastian Bergmann: Living with Legacy

The audience witnessed the refactoring of fictitious legacy code towards a state that is easy to comprehend, extend, test, and maintain in Sebastian Bergmann's "Living with Legacy" session.

In his "Jump-Start Your Infrastructure" workshop, Arne Blankerts introduced the audience to modern web stacks that leverage state-of-the-art technolgies such as nginx, FastCGI, and PHP-FPM. He also demonstrated how easy it is to fully automate such a setup using the power of virtual machines.

Arne Blankerts: Software Packaging in 2012

Arne Blankerts presented an overview of solutions for packaging, distributing, and deploying PHP applications in "Software Packaging in 2012".

Sebastian Bergmann: PHPUnit Best Practices

In "PHPUnit Best Practices", Sebastian Bergmann provided the audience with tips and tricks to leverage PHPUnit more effectively.