PHP Unconference Europe

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

This weekend the PHP Unconference Europe, a non-profit unconference organized for the PHP community by the PHP community, takes place in Berlin, Germany. We are proud to sponsor this event through the training event we present next week.

Over the years we have been to a lot of conferences around the world. One problem that commonly comes up when talking to people at a conference is that somebody wants to share his contact details with another person but cannot do so because he or she has no business card. The reasons for this range from "I am out of business cards" over "I have no personal business card and do not want to hand out a business card from my employer" to "My employer does not think I should have business cards / hand out business cards at this event".

We were so excited about WebExpo Prague's approach to solve this issue that we picked up the idea and sponsored business cards for the attendees of the PHP Unconference Europe:

We hope that these business cards foster the communication between the attendees by providing a pragmatic way to exchange contact details.