Announcing thePHP Curriculum

Beginning in early 2014, we will introduce thePHP Curriculum to our international clients, your best opportunity to become an expertly trained Certified Web Professional or Certified PHP Craftsman.

The International (English) version of thePHP Curriculum expands upon its successful implementation this year in Germany.

thePHP Curriculum offers 4 certification levels:

  • CWP – Certified Web Professional
  • CPC I – Certified PHP Craftsman I
  • CPC II – Certified PHP Craftsman II (launching first)
  • CPC III – Certified PHP Craftsman III

thePHP Curriculum gives you the freedom to choose:

  • Approximately 15 modules per certification level
  • Select only the modules of interest to you
  • Control the order of the modules
  • Learn at your own speed
  • Enroll at any time

Certification does not require buying any modules.

thePHP Curriculum includes:

  • Self-study material
  • Programming tasks
  • Individual feedback based on students’ uploaded solutions
  • Oral exams via videoconference (no multiple choice tests)
  • Email support
  • Training in soft skills

Visit for more details about how to register, and to receive a free sample chapter from the material.

About the authors

Sebastian Bergmann
Sebastian Bergmann
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Sebastian Bergmann, creator of PHPUnit, is an internationally sought-after expert who has played a vital role in professionalizing the PHP community.

Arne Blankerts
Arne Blankerts
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Arne Blankerts has created solutions far ahead of the times already years ago, and finds security issues with magic intuition.

Stefan Priebsch
Stefan Priebsch
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For over 20 years, Stefan Priebsch has been finding sustainable solutions using a unique blend of new ideas and proven approaches.

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