Web & PHP Conference

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Last week saw the inaugural edition of the Web & PHP Conference, a new open-access (attending the sessions was free) developer conference that focusses on web technologies in general and PHP in particular.

As a Gold sponsor, we had a booth in the exhibit area and enjoyed the many conversations that we had with the attendees there, especially after our presentations.

Sebastian Bergmann explained in his keynote how agility and quality are connected and what this should mean for the architecture of your software.

Sebastian Bergmann: Agility & Quality

Attendees of the "PHPUnit: Recipes for Success" workshop learned how to write clean and testable code, including unit tests. Sebastian Bergmann opened his bag of tricks and demonstrated how you can test code that is hard to test. Stefan Priebsch showed how these tricks can be avoided by making untestable code testable.

Arne Blankerts covered the most critical web application security risks in his highly interactive workshop "Web Security 360". The implications of these risks were discussed and effective countermeasures were implemented in a live coding session.

In his "Design Patterns in Action" workshop, Stefan Priebsch solved interesting, web-related problems using design patterns while discussing best practices such as composition over inheritances, single responsibility, and separation of concerns.

Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch: Building High-Performance Websites

Arne Blankerts and Stefan Priebsch shared their experience in creating high performance software architectures that scale from single server to the cloud.

Arne Blankerts and Sebastian Bergmann: Automated Deployment: From Jenkins to Production

Attendees of the "Automated Deployment: From Jenkins to Production" session by Arne Blankerts and Sebastian Bergmann learned how to make Jenkins push their deployment to the next level, easily maintaining any set of servers.

Stefan Priebsch: A Framework Is No Architecture

Frameworks solve common problems, and thus allow rapid application development. Agile and incremental software development, however, does not magically create architectures as you go. In his session "A Framework Is No Architecture", Stefan Priebsch proved the point that a framework does not provide an application architecture.

We had a great week at the Web & PHP Conference and are looking forward to next year.