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    Inspiring Conference

    Last week I attended the Inspiring Conference, the leading event for all things TYPO3 FLOW and TYPO3 NEOS, in Kolbermoor, Germany [...]

    On HHVM and Hack

    Facebook officially announced the new Hack programming language last week [...]

    Disintegration Testing

    Sebastian Bergmann uses NASA's Mars Climate Orbiter as a hook to discuss different scopes of testing [...]

    PHPUnit 4.0: Test Proxies

    One of the highlights of PHPUnit 4.0 is the improved support for integration testing through test proxies [...]

    PHPUnit 4.0: Code Coverage Improvements

    One of the highlights of PHPUnit 4.0 is an improvement of the @covers annotation and the addition of the @uses annotation for better code coverage analysis [...]


    At the ConFoo conference in Montréal, Canada last week, Sebastian Bergmann, Arne Blankerts, and Stefan Priebsch shared their experience in building applications that are testable and secure [...]