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brack.ch wins Swiss E-Commerce Award

We are glad that brack.ch has won the Swiss E-Commerce Award in the "B2C – Electronics & Media" category again this year. Furthermore, brach.ch made fifth place in "Swiss E-Commerce Champion 2014" in the overall ranking. We wholeheartedly congratulate the Web Team at Competec Service AG who developed the software for brack.ch!

Brack Electronics is Switzerland's largest electronics distributor. Their online shop traditionally plays a central role in product distribution. About 70,000 products are updated weekly and their prices are modified based on day-to-day rates. This undertaking truly demands performance excellence from the architecture as well as the IT team.

Read in our case study, how thePHP.cc supported the development of the e-commerce software that powers brack.ch. This software delivers high performance and enables adapting brack.ch to changing market requirements in an agile way.


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