Joomla PHPUnit Code Sprint

Sebastian Bergmann |

This week I travelled to Montabaur, Germany to support a group of Joomla developers in a code sprint to improve their test environment, clean up the existing tests, and discuss how the code may be refactored to be more testable.

Photo by Viktor Vogel

In addition to moderating discussions, giving training, and providing advice, I also helped by commenting on pull requests (#4699 and #4717, for instance). While helping the Joomla developers with cleaning up and testing their code we discovered two bugs in PHPUnit (#1468 and #1471) that I immediately fixed. And while trying to run the Joomla test suite using PHP 7 we discovered a bug in PHP (#68242) that was promptly fixed by Nikita Popov.

I would like to thank Robert Deutz and Viktor Vogel for organizing the code sprint as well as Open Source Matters, Inc. and 1&1 Internet AG for funding the event.

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Sebastian Bergmann

Sebastian Bergmann is the author of PHPUnit and sets the industry standard of quality assurance.