Seventh Heaven

We are in seventh heaven. PHP 7 has been released.

It took 20 years to make PHP what it is today, and it all started out with somebody who wrote some software to put his résumé online, and decided to share the code he had written. Today, PHP powers about 70% of the world wide web, and has created a vibrant community and ecosystem. All this is living proof that open source works. Thank you, Rasmus.

And thank you to Dmitry, Xinchen, Nikita, Anatol, all other PHP core developers, and everybody else who has helped to make this release possible. We really appreciate that you have donated your time to create something as great as PHP 7. We consider this to be the best PHP version ever, a solid base for another 20 years of excitement.

We hope that PHP 7 will help to make the world a better and peaceful place.

We provide some interesting background information on PHP 7 in this presentation, and there will be a lot more in-depth coverage in our upcoming ebook PHP 7 explained.

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