ConFoo: Combining Tech like PHP and Node.js

ConFoo, the largest web technology conference in North America, has been a fixture in our calendar for years. This conference, being organized by volunteers and run as a non-profit, has created a unique event where over 600 attendees from various countries get inspired and learn in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere. We are proud that once again we could support this great event as a sponsor.

As others such as Stefan Koopmanschap have already pointed out, ConFoo is not just diverse with regards to where its attendees are from but also with regard to the technologies they use. ConFoo is a polyglot conference that covers a broad range of topics and fosters an atmosphere where a cross-pollination of ideas between different communities is possible. This is best reflected in presentations that showcase how different technologies such as PHP and Node.js, for instance, can be combined.


The attendees of our highly interactive training on professional object-oriented development right before ConFoo learned how you can successfully develop business logic in a decoupled, tested and extensible way.

Over the course of two days we covered a wide range of topics including test-driven development, domain-driven design, object-oriented programming, best practices, design patterns, and risk-free framework usage. We coached the attendees while they developed an application for managing a personal schedule for a conference.


We had a booth in the exhibit area and enjoyed the many conversations we had there with attendees, especially after our presentations.


Arne Blankerts introduced his audience to a system- and software-architecture that combines Node.js, PHP and Redis into a truly powerful web stack in his "Just married: Node.js and PHP" presentation.

Sebastian Bergmann discussed how PHPUnit had to be adapted for PHP 7, how PHPUnit benefits from PHP 7, what additional changes PHPUnit 5.0-5.2 have brought, and what changes PHPUnit 6 will bring about in his "PHPUnit 5, PHP 7, and Beyond" presentation.

Stefan Priebsch analyzed the hidden costs of rapid software development and presented strategies to make those costs visible to decision makers in his "The hidden cost of bad code (and how to avoid it)" presentation.

Speaking at Harvard

We like to get in touch with local user groups before we travel to a conference. Like last year, the Harvard Web Working Group had kindly invited us to give presentations. We enjoyed giving our presentations, which were well-received and sparked some interesting discussions with the attendees.

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