All good things ...

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This year is our 10th birthday. So, on the 10th of every month, we will publish a surprise. So we thought at the beginning of the year.

On August 10th, we had planned for the launch of a new website. Unfortunately, that did not work out because we simply were not able to finish in time. Thanks to the holiday season in August and the usual accumulation of orders in September, it was, unfortunately, not just a matter of a few days to complete the new website. And as is well known with Tolkien and the "Lord of the Rings": the story grew while he told it.

Birthday Cake

The 10th of October we had missed smoothly again. We actually wanted to launch our new website in addition to the surprise that we had planned for this day, but we were still not quite done with it. It was not until the International PHP Conference on October 21st that the time had come and our new website went live.

Of course, as usual in software projects, we still had some issues we did not see coming. You never think about everything. So we spent a couple of days fixing bugs. In this bustle we have actually forgotten our surprise post. To be fair, though, one has to acknowledge that we were all quite busy at IPC.


Then came the 10th of November. Time for the next surprise, with which we also wanted to make up for the missing October 10th. Arne was in Edinburgh on the Scotland PHP Conference, Stefan in Sofia at the BulgariaPHP Conference and Sebastian for once in a well deserved weekend. He also had to save his energy for the Nurturing Open Source Communities panel discussion at the European Commission and his first trip to Japan.

When we ultimately wanted to publish our two surprises, there was a surprise for us: our website was offline. Strange, when all the tests were green and everything was fine on the staging server. Despite foul Wi-Fi in the waiting room of the airport of Sofia we succeeded after a while to narrow down the mistake: our automatic deployment had failed us because we had made some assumptions, which did not really hold true in practice. We therefore had misused our own deployment and thus had to face the consequences.

And of course, there is already a ticket that external monitoring needs to be configured. We have prioritized this even more now because life has once again shown us that the things we regularly preach to our customers are, after all, meaningful and important.


Now it would have been time to publish. But once again, life has thwarted our plans. As part of our website relaunch, we have created an improved News page that is particularly important to us because it provides an easily accessible overview of what is happening with us.

Behind this page are various queries against content objects that automatically generate the content. Unfortunately, these have not gotten along with our new feature for timed automatic publishing of new articles: this article just did not appear in the overview on the day of publication. So again we had to write a few additional tests, until the error was tracked down and finally eliminated. And of course, there were two or three additional small problems on the way to go, which we also had to eliminate.

Nevertheless - or perhaps because of that - we present today, better late than never, our October and November surprise: We answer your questions around PHP in our PHP podcast . Please send your questions before end of November.

Many companies want new ideas and impulses for their software development. The basis for this is a neutral assessment. We therefore offer a bespoke external review of location in early 2020, of course with a very special birthday discount.