Assessment of your Codebase

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

Does your project conform to the state of the art? What are the untapped potentials and opportunities, what are the undiscovered risks of the program code? Is the architecture appropriate and does the implementation find the right balance between sustainability and pragmatism?


With our external review you get a neutral and unbiased external view of your project. We show opportunities and lay the foundation for change. And if needed, we have the know-how to support your developers on the way to the implementation of our recommendations.

On the occasion of our tenth anniversary, we offer 10% off all code reviews that will be commissioned in the first quarter of 2020. Please refer to our birthday discount when ordering.

Scope of services

  • static analysis of the code base with various tools
  • manual review of program code and documentation
  • compact written report with prioritized recommendations for action
  • presentation and discussion of results in a video conference lasting up to two hours

For further information, please contact us by e-mail to or va our contact form.