Office Hours in Berlin

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For over a decade we have been sharing our experience from a total of over 100 years of IT practice. As leading experts in PHP and related technologies, we have given over 215 presentations, including 8 keynotes, at 111 conferences on 6 continents. We have contributed to the PHP project, presented at 42 meetups, published 14 reference books and lectured and taught at universities. Now we're visiting Unicorn Workspaces and want to share our experience with you for one day — and it's free.

Let's discuss the following topics:

  • Software Development (business applications, web applications, and the invisible backend applications)
  • IT Security
  • Software Architecture
  • Modern trends (event-driven applications, event sourcing, distributed applications)
  • Quality Assurance, Test Automation, DevOps
  • Quick time-to-market or sustainable development?
  • Cloud or in-house?
  • Make or Buy: Do you still want to develop software yourself?
  • Outsourcing or in-house development?

Where and when?

Contact us via email if you have questions or would like to schedule an individual appointment.

We look forward to meeting you!