Solidarity and Aid

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

The pandemic is having global effects, some of which we perceive and observe with great concern.

From our customers and business contacts we hear anecdotally from time to time about frighteningly large losses in turnover. Freelancers also report that their order situation has deteriorated significantly.

Agencies seem to have been largely spared so far. However, it is to be feared that a decline in turnover will be delayed if budgets are cut and fewer new projects are launched.

Our Pandemic Pledge

We want to be there for our customers and the IT community even in difficult times, because we can only overcome this crisis together.

Where in boom times there was enough money, but too little time to invest in further education, a situation is now emerging in which there is enough time, but too little money. Should we do without further training?

We believe that in a tense market situation, better qualifications can be a decisive success factor, especially for freelancers.

Therefore: if you would like to participate in one of our online trainings, on request, you only pay 50% of the regular price today and the remaining 50% one year later. This offer is valid as long as the pandemic lasts. Contact us and we will work out the details together.

As businesses we all suffer from the rapidly changing circumstances. It is essential to act quickly and deliberately. The tense economic situation and an incipient recession leave little room for error.

We help to organize spatially distributed software development efficiently, to scale applications at short notice and to stabilize them despite necessary technical changes. With a clear view from outside, we show pragmatic solutions that work reliably and limit risks.

The following applies to our consulting services during the pandemic: for all orders with prepaid working hours and upon request, the customer pays only 50% of the regular price today and the remaining 50% one year later. For the time being, we will work exclusively remotely and bill our time with minute granularity.

Let's talk about this. Together we'll find a way.