Welcome home

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At the beginning of February 2020 the world still seemed to be in order for us. Even the DSL connection had made it to our newly opened training center after a long back and forth. We were especially happy about our large modeling areas, after all, the training courses in which we show how to bridge the gap between event storming and programming are especially popular.

Before we met for one of our regular internal meetings in mid-March, "Coronavirus" was a topic that we had put on the agenda with the words "We should talk about what the perspective of this could be for our business". We had scheduled about an hour for this discussion.

Welcome home

Actually we wanted to invite you this year to Wolfratshausen. Now we will meet at our place - and yours - at home.

Online Trainings

For all the suffering and horror that is already there and may yet come, the pandemic forces us to leave our comfort zones and to explore and discover new paths.

In 2020 we will no longer offer classroom training in Wolfratshausen, but only online training. But we also want to look positively into the future. That is why we will be announcing our training program for 2021 in the next few weeks - in the form of classroom training in Wolfratshausen. Both classroom and online training courses will be flexibly rebookable, as we cannot predict when the pandemic will be over or at least when the risks of business travel will have become manageable.

A Better Format

Our online trainings have a different format than the classroom trainings. We believe that half-day trainings are easier to integrate into personal everyday life than full-day trainings. This also creates the freedom to process and practice what you have learned.

Instead of holding a few multi-day online training sessions, we have therefore decided to offer a larger number of half-day online training sessions, which are designed to be attended both individually and continuously.

This allows everyone to choose and determine their personal learning path and pace.

Remote First

Until further notice, we offer all our services exclusively online, normally via video conference.

Compared to on-site consulting, this has the advantage that we can act more flexibly and in smaller time units. We no longer have to fill an entire day, but can easily extend analyses and consultations over several appointments.

We are happy to show you the possibilities.

Solidarity and Aid

We know that many companies and freelancers are currently facing an uncertain future: Budgets are being cut, expenses cut, projects postponed or even cancelled.

Therefore: we help and support during the crisis.