The Online PHP Conference 2021

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

Online PHP Conference

What do you do as regular conference speakers when all the beautiful presentations and talks that you have prepared suddenly are swept down the pandemic drain?

Well, this is exactly what happened to us in early 2020, when the vast majority of technology conferences were postponed or cancelled. So we had gotten creative and tried a first attempt at our own online conference.

A few months later, the overall pandemic situation does not look a lot better. So what do you do as regular conference speakers when infection rates go up again, more restrictions are being discussed all over the place, and your general feeling tells you that you probably should #stayhome this winter?

Well, how about organizing another online conference?

We could have told you that we just had to do it again because the feedback on our first online PHP conference was great, and many attendees had asked us to do another one.

We could have told you that we want to keep in touch with the PHP community, even in times when we cannot (or should not) travel. In fact, we sorely miss being out there. But then again, we also find joy in helping our clients online, and we have found it to work amazingly well, in some instances even better than visiting the client on site.

We could have told you that attending an online conference is just as good as attending a conference in real life. Let's face it: it's not.

Traveling somewhere else, doing some sightseeing on the way, trying out some new food, all that cannot be easily replaced, let alone the possibility to fully immerse in a conference experience, which also includes being close to others, and even being able to physically touch them (within the boundaries of the code of conduct, of course).

With COVID-19 around as a major health threat at least until next year (if not longer), we have to try as hard as we can to make sure we all stay safe and healthy. This is what motivates us to do another instance of The Online PHP Conference from January 18 to January 22, 2021.

We will keep what was praised by the participants at the last conference. In addition, we have some interesting ideas to bring even more of the original conference feeling into our online format. In any case, there will be a good mix of traditional lectures, discussions, live coding, a public code review, plus plenty of time and space for interaction, questions and discussions.

We'd love to get back together with you, so please don't miss out. See you online in January 2021!