Asynchronous PHP

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PHP was designed to solve the web problem, which originally was pretty much about sending out HTML pages in response to HTTP requests. Over the years, web applications also had to perform more and more complex tasks. It is often said that PHP is missing built-in support for asynchronous processing (which, in fact, might appear in PHP 8.1).

Online PHP Conference

But there already is a very interesting solution to this problem. Holger Woltersdorf has written a library that allows sending PHP-FPM requests directly from PHP, bypassing HTTP and the web server. That way, you can make good use of PHP's existing FastCGI process management capabilities. This opens up interesting possibilities ranging from implementing efficient event handlers to using asynchronous processes for expensive computations.

Who would be better equipped to talk about hollodotme/fast-cgi-client at The Online PHP Conference than the author himself, Holger Woltersdorf?

Holger is the CEO/CTO at From Home GmbH and a freelancing IT consultant. He is also co-founder and chairman of the PHP USERGROUP DRESDEN e.V., and chairman of Interessengemeinschaft PHP.

More about Holger's presentation "FastCGI Client: (A)sync Requests and Reactive Responses with PHP-FPM"