Our Christmas Giveaway

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

The year 2020 has been challenging for all of us. We want to give back to the PHP community, and since it's Christmas, we want to help out three individuals that have been hit by the COVID pandemic in 2020.

Online PHP Conference

We are giving away three free tickets to The Online PHP Conference in January 2021. The tickets will allow you to attend the full three-day main conference online. You will need a modern browser to attend, and internet connectivity allowing for a HD video stream. There will be ample ways of getting in touch with the speakers and other attendees, so you can expect a very interactive event.

Have you lost a loved one? Are you unemployed? Are you struggling financially? Email us at team@thephp.cc and tell us your story and why PHP is important to you. Your email will be treated absolutely confidential, and neither your name nor any personal details will be published anywhere.

From all emails we receive before Monday, December 28th, noon CET, we will, at our discretion, select the three ones that we feel need help the most. That decision will be final, without appeal.

We will contact everybody who emailed us exactly once, on Monday, December 28th, and let you know whether you have been selected. After that, we will delete the emails that you had sent to us and not use your contact information again.