CQRS in Practice

Sebastian BergmannArne BlankertsStefan Priebsch |

Getters read and setters write, everybody knows that. But what actually happens when you apply this idea to an entire application or its architecture? Let us talk about CQRS (Command/Query Responsibility Segregation).

CQRS in Practice

A lot can be gained by a clear separation of read and write operations. A common problem in classical architectures as well as in legacy software is the fact that read accesses can trigger side effects which makes the application's behaviour unpredictable.

Stefan's "CQRS in Practice" workshop at The Online PHP Conference is for you regardless of how familiar you already are with CQRS. You will learn how to apply CQRS principles to elegantly solve various coding challenges. Bring your favourite IDE and a current version of PHP, and get ready for some hands-on coding.

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