The Serverless PHP Application

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In ye olden days of yore, there was no automation: not for testing, not for deployment, not for anything. PHP code was uploaded manually via FTP to a shared-hosting webserver and that was that. Of course, this was and still is a bad idea.

The Serverless PHP Application

A lot has changed since then. We test our code and deploy it to production in an orderly, meaning automated, fashion. The environments into which we deploy PHP applications has also evolved over time.

Serverless computing can simplify application deployment. Developing serverless PHP applications requires some shifts in perspective, although PHP already is, and always has been, shared-nothing. At The Online PHP Conference, Rob Allen will teach you everything you need to know.

Rob is a software consultant and developer with many years of experience. He's particularly interested in API development as well as Serverless Computing and regularly contributes to Open Source projects.

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