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Expert Discussions

If you work on something intensely for a long time you tend to become routine-blinded. An expert discussion on an equal footing brings a breath of fresh air into your company, gives impulses, and shows new ways. Our impartial and profound external perception helps to prepare changes and improvements. Teams that usually do not swap ideas with like-minded peers profit especially from such an expert discussion. Based on our exhaustive experience in various branches of industry we know what works and where risks lurk in the long run.

Common topics for an expert discussion are software development with PHP in general, object-oriented programming, testing and quality assurance, clean code or SOLID principles. Questions with regard to performance and scalability or security concerns are also competently answered. The discussion of overarching topics such as software and system architecture or development processes usually tops off the expert discussion.


On-Site Go-To Guy

A leading online retailer in the United States invited one of our consultants to be available on-site as a go-to guy for the developers. In addition to several workshop for individual teams there were time windows for one-on-one expert discussions with each developer.

In some case the developers brought code examples to discuss specific problems and solution approaches. Promising approaches were sketched out as executable code in pair programming sessions.

Globally Distributed

An internationally well-known non-profit organisation operates a platform that is based on a self-made open source software. The development is globally distributed and comprised of paid employees as well as volunteers. The software has to fulfill extreme requirements with regard to performance and scalability.

We held an expert discussion with the development leadership and several technical managers in the company's US headquarter. Developers from several countries participated using video conferencing. In addition to answering many questions we were able to bring a breath of fresh air and new ideas that can potentially have a lasting impact on the further development of the software.

We have chosen thePHP.cc because of their good reputation and we were not disappointed. With their competence they supported us in optimizing one of our applications and answered all our questions. Thanks to Misters Bergmann and Priebsch we succeeded at making strategic decisions based on a technical foundation.

Nils Langner, Qualitätsmanagement, Gruner+Jahr

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