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The operation and maintenance phase is usually the longest in the lifecycle of a product. Risks become apparent that have not been evaluated previously. Hidden costs impede the maintenance and further development of a solution. We support teams in the cost-efficient and low-risk operation and maintenance of their software. We analyse and explain problems and enable the developers to independently solve them. We support you in the safe, secure, and smooth operation of your software and systems.

We support teams in the transition from development into production and therefore maintenance and further development. We help with the shaping of appropriate processes and ensuring that the know-how gained by the team does not get lost. We embed the continuous refactoring of existing code in the company's processes to make sure that the further development and operation of the software stays frugal in the long-term.


Short Time-to-Market

An online retailer operates a custom-built multi-channel shopping platform. We supported the customer in the specification, execution, and analysis of load tests. Based on the results we were able to significantly improve the platform's performance and reliability in collaboration with the development team.

We optimized the architecture and the design of the software to reduce the time-to-market for the implementation of additional channels. We eliminated repetitive and tedious tasks in the daily routine of the developers and created a deployment solution that allows for the operation of multiple versions of the software in parallel. These versions can be activated selectively for individual customers or customer groups.


An internationally active consortium operated many websites with a custom software solution that was integrated with an enterprise-grade CMS. New business requirements made several extensions of the existing software necessary.

We assisted in the development of these extensions conceptually, for instance with regards to the efficient global distribution of content. We supported the implementation and further development of the system through regular code reviews and workshops with the developers. We introduced various new tools to enable a distributed and stable development process.

The interesting presentation of the topics conduced the motivation of the participants. In addition to a theoretical introduction of the subject matter many concrete examples were provided. This allowed us to quickly integrate the approaches and practices presented into out projects thusly benefiting from the workshop. Mr. Priebsch was able to provide profound solutions for all of our 4com-specific problems and questions.

Dipl. Inform. Christian Koch, 4com GmbH & Co. KG

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