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Sebastian Bergmann

Training from the Creator of PHPUnit

Do you need help with test automation? Sebastian Bergmann, creator and project lead of PHPUnit, offers on-site trainings and workshops. He has over a decade of experience helping companies and Open Source projects around the world to leverage PHPUnit for unit tests, integration tests, and system tests.

All our on-site trainings are customized and highly interactive. We suggest a training duration of one to four days, depending on the desired amount of hands-on experience. Up to ten participants for efficient learning. Attendees must have working knowledge of PHP and OOP. We offer our on-site trainings in English or German around the globe.

Based on your individual needs and prior knowledge we can deliver one to four days of custom on-site PHPUnit training. You can choose from our suggested building blocks, or we can discuss additional and individual content:

Getting Started

Installing and configuring PHPUnit. Getting to know the framework. Writing and running tests. Testing return values and exceptions.

Objective: Automate tests with PHPUnit.

Dealing with Dependencies

Test isolation. Testing object interaction. Replacing dependencies. Stubs and Mocks. Testing database and filesystem interaction.

Objective: Write complex, isolated unit tests.

Best Practices

Proven best practices to get the most out of PHPUnit. Finding untested code. Making sure that tests are useful. Using tests to communicate with non-technical people.

Objective: Master advanced PHPUnit features.

Testing Legacy Code

Understanding common issues. Approaches to making legacy code testable. Writing tests for problematic code.

Objective: Automate tests for legacy code.

Integration Testing

Functional Tests. The test pyramid. Finding the right test mix. Frontend Tests.

Objective: Use PHPUnit beyond the scope of unit tests.

Writing Testable Code

What makes code hard to test. How to write test-friendly code. SOLID and Clean Code principles.

Objective: Avoid test complexity by design.

We had the pleasure of working with Sebastian and leveraging his expertise in PHP unit testing to train our scrum teams on tools for Quality Engineering. Sebastian did an excellent job.

Oliver Ratzesberger, eBay Inc.

Contact us to book your custom PHPUnit training or to get more information.


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