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Especially in agile projects for the web, architectural topics are easily neglected. But a good architecture does not just happen of its own accord. We focus your sight and create a holistic view on a collection of components and systems that interact with each other. We help you to identify, prioritize, and measure the relevant non-functional requirements or quality goals. Together we will find an architecture that satisfies today's needs and can be evolved tomorrow in a flexible and agile manner. Security, performance, and scalability are important cornerstones in this.

We have comprehensive experience with software and system architectures for various branches of industry, including financial service providers, e-commerce platforms, digital marketing agencies, telecommunication providers, and Internet companies. The fields of application include accounting systems, webshops, intranets, and portals. In addition to connecting these solutions to ERP software such as SAP or Navision they are often integrated with legacy systems.


Global Content Distribution

A corporation with branches on multiple continents operates numerous country-specific websites that are centrally controlled and supplied with content from Germany. We worked out the architecture for the relaunch of these websites in collaboration with the development team. The global distribution of content and making the integration into existing applications easy were important topics in this. A newly introduced Enterprise Content Management System provides the contents for the individual websites.

After presenting the architecture we held a multi-day workshop with the developers during which we created a proof-of-concept implementation to demonstrate the technical feasibility of our concept. Afterwards the customer took on the development independently. We supervised the implementation through the review of milestones.

High-Performance E-Commerce

For a successful online retailer we developed a modern architecture to replace an existing system with a custom-built solution. Special requirements for the performance of the system as well as high change frequencies for prices and stock information that always have to be displayed accurately lead to this decision. The shop software is integrated with an existing ERP system and various payment services.

After creating a proof-of-concept implementation we communicated our architectural concept to the developers. We supervised the development, especially during the kick-off phase. We designed a system architecture for the customer that offers high performance as well as fault tolerance. We helped with the selection of a contractor that takes care of operations.

We have created a sustainable software that is easy to extend thanks to making the right design decisions early on. Our new solution can be adapted to changing market requirements quickly.

Cornelius Suermann, CTO, BillSAFE GmbH

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