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The earlier a mistake is detected the less problematic is its correction. We give impulses and provide new ideas through timely reviews of concepts and documentation. Based on existing program code we see how the developers work and where one can start improving the results. We scrutinize your development processes from the requirements analysis all the way to the deployment procedure. Thanks to our many years of experience, we know what works and where problems lurk. We develop our recommendations in a dialogue with you. Thereby we do not want to change everything at once but instead achieve improvements through many small steps.

Thanks to our many years of experience we can reliably judge whether a solution is appropriate for a problem. We avoid artificial complexity and thereby reduce maintenance costs in an early phase of the project. Furthermore we ensure that sensible and measurable quality goals are defined for the development project and that these are observed in the implementation.


E-Commerce Platform

Starting with a review of the functional specification document we supported the customer in establishing an agile development process and with the definition of a minimum viable product. We worked out a modern and capable architecture in close collaboration with the development team.

In a multi-day workshop we created a prototype implementation of our architectural concept. Building on this, the team independently implemented the first real features and revised them based on our feedback until they met the defined quality goals.

We supervised the further development until the successful launch with regular reviews and workshops.

Clear Architectural Vision

A multi-channel online retailer operates shopping platforms in multiple countries. The existing software was to be replaced with a new custom-built solution. A close collaboration was planned with a contractor who was supposed to implement major parts of the software externally.

Through goal-oriented consulting in an early phase of the project we clarified the architectural vision and reduced complexity at key points in collaboration with the development team. We supported our customer in the definition of pertinent quality goals.

We supervised the further development with milestone reviews to ensure that the quality goals are met and that sustainable program code is created.

While we had no doubt about the expertise of the thePHP.cc partners we had two reservations before we ordered their services: would such adept PHP experts be able to provide pragmatic advice that match our concrete situation? Is it worth it to bring in three experts at the same time? We can answer both questions positively. They presented the results of their code review intelligible and thoughtful. They gave pragmatic counsel on how to act upon these findings as well. Three experts side by side ensure that one does not get a dogmatic individual opinion. Instead you experience "live" how a result / an opinion is developed in a dialogue.

Dr. Tina Dingel, CEO, Townster GmbH

Contact us if you need a review of your concepts or documents.


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