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The efficient analysis and documentation of requirements is an important task that is often neglected in a development project. We foster the use of a common language that is spoken by both the developers as well as the business experts and offer translation work when needed. We support you in breaking down a development project into manageable phases. We can help you to realistically estimate efforts and judge the technical feasibility of implementation approaches. Thereby we do not stand for "Big Design Up Front" but work together with you to identify a Minimum Viable Product that delivers a measurable value for your business.

We have many years of experience with the review and evaluation of concepts and functional specification documents for various sectors of industry. Beginning with a competent assessment of technical feasibility and project risks we reduce the complexity of planned solutions already in the design phase. Thanks to this, our customers benefit from a shorter time-to-market without drawbacks when it comes to the maintenance and further evolution of the software.


Extension of a SaaS Solution

The provider of a Software-as-a-Service solution was planning the addition of new functionality deemed critical to acquire new customers. Since the platform was subject to major changes over many years, the integration of the new features into the old system posed a major technical challenge for the development team.

Starting from various technical approaches we assessed different scenarios for the implementation and discussed them with the customer. The medium-term and long-term impacts of technical decisions were especially scrutinized. We clarified requirements that were not sufficiently documented before in a dialogue with the domain experts. We were able to simplify several features that, if implemented as originally understood, would have added unnecessary complexity. This reduced the scope of the project significantly.

Process Automation

A telecommunications provider was planning to tap new areas of business. The existing customer portal was to be replaces with a modern, more powerful software in order to further automate the supporting business processes. Especially compliance and security concerns needed to be taken into account for this.

We assessed to which extent the existing software could be used in the future based on a review of the existing solution. We worked out an architectural vision as well as quality goals in a dialogue with the customer. Furthermore we assisted in the selection of an appropriate contractor so that parts of the software could be developed externally.

We utilize PHP for many years. We have reached a point where we lacked clarity and comprehensibility in our code base and every change lead to a new error. We wanted to put an end to this. This is why we invited thePHP.cc. They analysed our code, explained the foundations for better programming, and developed a custom framework for our applications together with us. Thanks to thePHP.cc we achieved a future-proof structure and testable code.

Michaela Knie, Project Lead, Rohde & Schwarz GmbH & Co. KG

Contact us if you need support with the specification of your IT solutions.


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