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The internet presents special challenges for the performance and scalability of systems. New frameworks and technologies that promise to be the right solution are constantly created. We know the market and ensure that your software and your systems keep up with increasing demands. We advise you impartially in make-or-buy decisions and know which technologies are suited for which problem domain and scenario. Economic viability and risk assessment are more important for us than the latest hype or passing fads.

Thanks to many years of experience in numerous projects of all sizes and in various branches of industry we have profound expertise in the application of PHP and related technologies such as relational databases, NoSQL stores, and search engines as well as ERP systems such as SAP or Navision. We know many PHP-based standard solutions such as Magento, OXID eShop, Drupal, Joomla, TYPO3, and Wordpress including their advantages and drawbacks, especially in comparison to custom-built solutions. We know the strengths and weaknesses of common PHP frameworks such as Symfony, Zend Framework, Laravel, CakePHP, or CodeIgninter and support you competently in selecting the appropriate technologies and in applying them correctly.


Secure System Architecture

A service provider develops a new, web-based software that deals with personal data. For operations, we defined a secure system architecture based on the software architecture. Nginx is used as the webserver and communicates via FastCGI with the PHP-FPM-based application servers.

Since the application's performance is not critical, the filesystem is used for persisting data in addition to MySQL during the first phase of development. The software is architected in such a way that the persistence implementation can be swapped out without problems.

In collaboration with the hosting provider we defined the system architecture and supervised its implementation.

Performant, Scalable Solution

An online retailer planned the relaunch of their shopping platform based on a standard solution. A test setup was created to determine without a doubt that the planned solution would meet the requirements for performance and scalability. It was shown that the standard solution would have only been able to meet these goals by sacrificing the actuality of product information, delivery times, and prices. This, however, was not an option.

We proved to the company that there was an architectural problem and that the standard solution did not fit their requirements. With a proof-of-concept solution that we created in just a few days we showed that a performant and scalable architecture appropriate for the customer's requirements was possible. The customer decided in favour of a custom-built solution.

We have chosen thePHP.cc because of their good reputation and we were not disappointed. With their competence they supported us in optimizing one of our applications and answered all our questions. Thanks to Misters Bergmann and Priebsch we succeeded at making strategic decisions based on a technical foundation.

Nils Langner, Quality Management, Gruner+Jahr

Contact us if you need support with the selection of technologies.


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